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Achieving More with Less: The Birth of 2xPlanners

Mr. Pugo

Hey there! 😊

Where do I even begin with this adventure?

For the past decade, I’ve been diving headfirst into the world of digital businesses. But the real game-changer? That’s been the last 5 years when I’ve brought my most successful products and businesses to life.

Let’s zoom in on the last two years (by May 2024, it’ll be a full two), which have seen the launch of my most successful online ventures like Pugo’s Studio, NotionGot (up for a rebrand soon), NicheJar, PosterBlast and more! You know what? I absolutely love building stuff, whether they bring in the big bucks or not.

Thankfully, they do bring in money. Some a lot, some a little.

These past two years have been an exhilarating ride. I kissed the corporate and employment world goodbye and never looked back. πŸ‘‹

My secret? It’s all thanks to the system and planners I’ve built for myself, based on Notion and GoodNotes, along with a bunch of other cool productivity tools. Eventually, I found Notion and Paper planners to be my go-to productivity toolkit.

Witnessing the fantastic results from these productivity systems and planners, I had a lightbulb moment. Why not help others, folks like you and me, achieve more in their personal and professional lives, just like I did?

Building 12+ profitable online businesses in just a few years ain’t too shabby, is it? I think not.

All thanks to my systems and planners.

So, I fine-tuned my life planner, polished it for public release, and shared it for FREE. And guess what? People loved it! πŸŽ‰

After hundreds of downloads, I made it premium and started sharing more free and paid productivity systems and solutions for individuals and businesses. The positive feedback kept pouring in.

But it was all Notion-centric.

I wanted to share more of my favorite tools, so I started sharing my custom paper planners printed by none other than my trusty HP and Epson printers.

After building Pugo’Studio, NicheJar, and starting NotionGot (and receiving tons of positive feedback and happy customers), few other businesses sprang up. Now, here it is, 2xPlanners – ready to help folks who find printable planners super useful and want them beside their simple digital planners.

2xPlanners is where I’m going to create and share a ton of useful printable and digital planners, mostly for free, and some paid (bills gotta get paid, right?) and maybe build even more useful businesses.

That’s me, Mr. Pugo, your friendly neighborhood builder who’s addicted to building stuff online and offline.

I even tried building a soap brand with my wife once. We made hundreds of soaps and ended up using most of them ourselves. Anyone needs soap here? πŸ˜…

Long story short, I’m here to help you find the perfect planner for work, hobby, habits, and life.

Still with me? Awesome! πŸ™Œ

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll, please πŸ₯

Here you are with 2xPlanners and its fantastic planners (hopefully).

I’m stoked to bring some good vibes and productivity improvement to your life.

Here’s to that! πŸ₯‚

Stay frosty,

Mr. Pugo

Mr. Pugo